ASE Utra NorthStar NS-3S .30cal 1/2″x20 UNF


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The Ase Utra NorthStar NS-3S suppressors are robust and effective suppressors designed for centre fire calibre rifles up .30-06 Spr calibre.

Manufactured in Finland by Ase Utra Oy, the NorthStar NS-3S suppressors are manufactured out of 300 series stainless steel and are assembled by welding.

The NorthStar NS-3S suppressors add 660-700 grams netweight and only 100 mm net length to a typical rifle – and with a max. diameter of 47.5 mm.


The NorthStar NS-3S suppressors reduce the weapon sound pressure level by 22-26 dB (depending on calibre and measurement location ), and significantly reduces recoil and muzzle flash.

All standard rifles tested with the NorthStar NS-3S suppressors comply with the latest personal noise exposure limit set by European Directive 2003/10/EC (140 Pa or137 dB(C)).

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Form 11 required? true
Type Sound Moderator Firearm
Make ASE Ultra
Model NorthStar
Item Condition New
Calibre .30
License Required Firearm
Legacy Gun Number gun02315
Serial Number NVM
Handed Left Handed