Blaster Devil 6mm 0.20g BBs


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The BLASTER DEVIL BB range introduces a new level to our highly acclaimed Blaster BB range. BLASTER DEVIL BBs are a Premium BB of a Diamond Grade standard that have been put through additional selection and polishing processes to produce an outstanding BB within tight tolerances.

Each BLASTER DEVIL BB undergoes strict quality control and each batch is carefully selected, bottled and controlled to ensure the highest standard possible. With a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm the BLASTER DEVIL BBs raise the standards for quality precision BBs. The precision dimensions and fine polishing of the BLASTER DEVIL BB range makes them ideal for use in precision airsoft guns in which other BBs may struggle to feed, in addition the superbly polished surface of each BB make BLASTER DEVIL excel in feeding from double stack magazines.

While sold as ‘6mm’ , most airsoft BBs vary in sizes between 5.93 mm and 5.98 mm in diameter even in the same bottle – thus affecting the trajectory and precision of the BBs. If BBs are larger than 5.98 mm there is a considerable risk of the BBs clogging the 6 mm barrel of a standard airsoft gun. If the BBs are smaller than 5.93 mm in diameter, too much compression is lost when firing the airsoft gun, resulting in poor performance.


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