BSA Star range pellet sampler


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BSA Premium Pellet Range Sampler Pack – .177. A selection of BSA’s finest airgun pellets including the excellent dome headed Goldstar, hollow pointed Blackstar, hollow expander Silverstar and the eco friendly lead free Greenstar.


  • Ultimate swaged airgun pellets with tight weight and form tolerances providing high precision and accuracy
  • Soft lead for increased energy transfer and expansion
  • BSA pellets are extensively tested in and suited for BSA guns


Content Approx. Weight Head Size BC
Goldstar ~120pcs 0.56g/8.64gr 4.52mm 0.021
Blackstar ~60pcs 0.68g/10.49gr 4.50mm 0.023
Silverstar ~70pcs 0.47g/7.25gr 4.50mm 0.016
Greenstar ~60pcs 0.43g/6.64gr 4.50mm 0.013



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