BSA Ultra SE .177 Cayenne Pepper Laminate (USE770251-JK) S/H PCP Air Rifle


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The BSA Ultra SE provides top spec’ performance and unique handling qualities in a stylish, affordable package. Perfectly balanced and designed for fast target acquisition, the Ultra SE is purpose built to take your sporting shooting to an exciting new level. It’s a lightweight stalker, a super-compact ratter, the ideal hide-hunting rifle and much, much more. It’s the BSA Ultra SE – a genuine mini-supergun!. Fitted in a limited addition Cayenne Pepper Laminate stock.


This used rifle is fitted with a Nikko Stirling Mountmaster 4-12×50 AO scope, a Wildhunter “harris” style bipod, and a BSA sling. Complete with 1x magazine, filler probe and barrel shroud adapter.


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