Howa 1500 Mini Action .300 Blackout S/H


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The new Howa Mini Action is the latest edition to the Howa Range. Based off the proven Howa M1500 action, however with a bolt length of just 6″ (Compared to 6.9″ on the M1500 Short Action), the new Mini Action will provide quick shooting in a lightweight and reliable package. Every Howa Barrelled Action is manufactured in Japan and are made to the highest possible Standards. Using the latest in technological Rifle and manufacturing advancements, every Howa is subject to the most detailed quality control tests throughout its production phase. This attention to detail throughout every stage of manufacturing ensures that every Howa shoots accurately and reliably “Out of the Box”.

Every Howa Barrelled Action is supplied with Standard Floorplate Magazine, Forged One-Piece-Bolt with 2 locking Lugs as well as the new H.A.C.T Fully Adjustable 2 Stage Trigger System and 3 position safety.

ACTIONS – Receiver and bolt are made from forged steel. Bolts feature a one-piece design with integral bolt, two locking lugs and ultra reliable M16-style ejector and extractor. Bolts also feature a quick, tool-less take down for ease of cleaning.

SAFETY – All Howa?s have a 3-position safety which allows for bolt to be locked down and also allows for actions to be UNLOADED while on SAFE. A key feature for youth guns, climbing tree stands or moving through brush.

H.A.C.T TRIGGERS – Many shooters know that the trigger on any rifle is one of the inherent focal-points for achieved accuracy and safety. The Howa HACT two-stage triggers are creep-free, crisp light trigger pull with consistent let-off

BARRELS – 100% factory-built barrels that are from a cold hammer-forged process, allowing for more precise dimensions and a smoother surface, adding to the accuracy of the rifle.


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