MaccTecc V2 M15x1 .22cal (Gun05287)


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Edgar Brothers’ Version 2 of its hugely popular MaccTecc moderator, which works on gas flow technology (patent applied for), is a completely different principle to standard baffle-technology moderators.

As with the original version, the MaccTecc V2 has been built of aircraft grade aluminium making it extremely strong and light.

At 162mm long, with only 100m typically in front of the muzzle, a diameter of only 40mm and weighing around 249g (depending on thread and calibre) the MaccTecc V2 has a greater volume than the original specification, giving it even better noise suppression capabilities.

The MaccTecc V2 is supplied in a hardwearing, difficult to mark, satin black finish designed to complement all rifles and to reduce reflection from lights or lamps back into the riflescope or the shooter’s yes. Available in all calibres and thread sizes up to .300 Win Mag and to .375H&H by special order, the V2 has a recessed crown to protect it and a considerately rounded rear to minimize marking on the barrel. Its cleverly designed swept up rear also minimises reflection.


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