Nosler .270 (.277) Ballistic Tip Hunting 130gr Spitzer


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Delivering the accuracy, consistency and down range punch required for clean kills in all situations, Nosler’s Ballistic Tip® hunting bullet maximizes energy transfer for devastating performance. The aerodynamic polymer tip (color coded by caliber) initiates rapid and uniform expansion of the bullet upon impact while the fully-tapered jacket provides maximum energy transfer and optimum weight retention at all practical velocities. Equipped with a heavily jacketed base that acts as a platform for large-diameter mushrooms and a boat-tail design that enhances long-range accuracy, the Ballistic Tip® is a favorable design for reloaders targeting deer-sized game.

Additional information

Weight .460 kg
Form 11 required? false
Type Projectile
Make Nosler
Model Ballistic Tip Hunting
Item Condition New
Supplier ID 100016
Tax Code S
Calibre .270
License Required None


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