Qiang Yuan Sports “QYS” Domed Heavy .177


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Qiang Yuan Sports FT Domed Heavy Grade .177 (4.50) Pellets x 500. Along with all other models in the range QYS FT Domed “Heavies” are available in two head-sizes, 4.49mm and 4.50mm in 500 pellet-count distinctive gold tins with screw-on lids, with a weight of 9.56 grains for pin-point accurate shooting. Industry experts and individual shooters have achieved astonishing levels of accuracy, achieving sub 8mm Centre-to-Centre groups out to 25 metres.

Every pellet in the QYS Range has an Industry leading weight tolerance of a maximum of +/- 0.20% and is individually selected and packed. Each distinctive gold-coloured, screw-top tin of 500 pellets is then further packed in a bespoke-cut, polystyrene foam-lined, master carton of 40 tins, each from an individual production batch, giving shooters certainty of quality and security from damage during transit.


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