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The name RC has always been linked to that of Vittorio Socci and his great passion for game and clay shooting. Shooting has always been part of the family business.In 1882 Vittorio’s grandfather Primo Carmellini’s business was selling shooting products and other sporting items. Vittorio discovered his passion for all types of shooting when young and was able to demonstrate his shooting skills; his excellent performances, his charismatic personality as well as his thing about perfection made the cartridges he himself loaded more and more popular and requested by friends and acquaintances.

This naturally led on to the origin of todays business: in 1970 Romagna Caccia was founded. The company not only continued the wholesale business of sport and shooting products, but also began the loading of quality cartridges. The historic clay-pigeon and skeet shooting cartridges, such as “RC 4 PICCIONE” and “RC 1 SKEET”, were created in this period. It was with the RC 1 SKEET that Mr. Luciano Brunetti won the gold medal in the Skeet World Championships in 1978 in Seoul, making him the first Italian to win this title.

The Italian market was taking more and more interest in RC products and the first requests from the foreign market were coming in; loading cartridges was giving the best results and satisfactions and became the main business on which focus the utmost care.

In 1988 the old Romagna Caccia was transformed into the new company RC EXIMPORT, different for production strategy and company structure. Vittorio has recently left the conduction of the Company to Paolo and Alessandra, but the underlying theme of all these years has remained the same: without compromise loading quality cartridges is now the only business.


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