Sierra Varminter 40gr SP .223 Hornet (.223) (100cnt)


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For rifles, this bullet was formed with a thin-walled jacket and soft core in the traditional roundnose shape for cartridges such as the 22 Hornet, 22 K-Hornet, or 218 Bee at muzzle velocities in the 2600 to 2900 fps range. The thin jacket and rounded nose of this bullet provides outstanding accuracy and effective expansion on small varmints at these modest velocities. The bullet is ideal for barrels with 1×16” twist rates and muzzle velocities that require a “short” bullet for proper stability. It is also effective in rifles firing medium-capacity cartridges, such as the 222 Remington and 223 Remington, for target and varmint shooting at muzzle velocities up to 3500 fps.

Additional information

Weight 0.277 kg
Form 11 required? false
Type Bullets
Make Sierra
Model Varminter
Item Condition New
Supplier ID 100016
Tax Code S
Calibre .223
License Required None


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