SMK QB78DL .22 Rifle S/H (NVN)


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SMK QB78DL Rifle. This CO2 powered rifle is available in .177 & .22 calibres. 39.5″ long, 21.5″ steel rifled barrel, grooved for telescopic sight (telscopic sight not included), fitted with hooded front sight and fully adjustable rear sights for range and windage/zero (rear sights can be removed to fit telescopic sights), sights fitted with fibre optics to aid aiming. Rubber butt pad. The great advantage of CO2 air rifles is the fixed barrel which improves accuracy and the lack of any need to perform a spring cocking action after each shot. Simply insert two CO2 capsules and screw home the cover and you are ready for about 80 shots. Open the breech bolt, load a pellet, close the bolt and you’re ready to shoot. Fitted with a safety catch, hardwood stock,


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