Passive Hearing Protection

  • Padded Headband.
  • Protects from gunshot noise/sound
  • Limits percussive sound
  • Slim design

Hearing protection is simply the best solution for protecting the ears of all shooters. Loud noises are dangerous to your hearing and can be irreversible if damaged. Passive hearing protection provides a constant, unchanging amount of sound reduction. Padded Headband for comfort, Slim contoured design. The hearing protection folds down to pocket size. Soft ear cushion for extra comfort.

•Provides constant unchanging amount of sound reduction
•Padded Headband for comfort.
•Passive hearing protection protects from loud noise /sounds.
•Slim contoured design.
•Foldable down to pocket size.
•Soft ear cushion for extra comfort

Additional information

Weight 0.249 kg
Form 11 required? false
Type Hearing Protection
Make Wildhunter
Model Passive Hearing Protection
Item Condition New
Supplier ID 102550
Tax Code S
License Required None


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