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Wildhunter Predator 850 Zoomable Gun Light Kit



The Predator 850 LED zoomable gunlight is the ideal scope mounted gun light. It has an extremely powerful LED with a tight focusable beam using the predator convex lens. The Predator 850 can locate eyes up to 850 metres in total darkness. It is a super lightweight, compact torch that is perfect as a gun light.

The Predator reflector is deep and long. This throws a tight, focused beam designed for predator hunting. The LEDs can be changed to different colours. Choice of white, red and green as standard. Infra Red (IR) LEDs are available seperately.

Predator 850 LED gun light kit comes standard with a universal gun mounting system. This mount will fit a 1″ or a 30mm scope tube. It will Also fit the bottom barrel of an Over and Under shotgun. 2 rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries are supplied. 1 for the torch and 1 as a spare. 3.7V 18650 batteries can be charged with mains and a car charger.


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