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22nd May 2020

Further Update

Guidance and Procedures for Customers ref: Covid 19

 We are pleased to announce, following the most recent government guidelines, that we shall be reopening from Tuesday the 26th May. There will necessarily be some adjustments to the normal operating format.

 We shall be enforcing social distancing measures, and all range booking will now have to be prior arranged via our online booking system.

The following safeguarding measures WILL be followed to enable you to visit the Ranges and Shop.

Failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave.

 Customer must wear face coverings (masks or something similar) these will not be provided and must be sourced yourself.

  • Shooters MUST book in advance. Using our online booking method. (Bookings are currently for 30 mins only – should longer time on the range be required these must be booked separately).
  • Please avoid touching surfaces and do not pick anything up unnecessarily.
  • Use hand sanitiser and gloves supplied upon entry
  • Follow the one-way floor markings, remember to stay 2m apart. These are setup for your safety, as well as ours
  • Pay via card where possible.
  • Do not enter the shop if you suspect you have any symptoms or live with anyone with symptoms.
  • Shooters must keep to the bays (unless further assistance, air or targets are required)
  • Please avoid using toilets unless completely necessary.
  • Please do no consume food or drink on the premises.
  • Only 1 person per bay
  • No spectators
  • Children accompanied by adults from their household to notify prior to booking so suitable bay may be allocated.
  • Do not arrive any more than 10 minutes before your booked slot.

 We appreciate your help in sticking to these measures, and we are here to help in any way we can.

 We are aware that during these testing times some of our customers are not advised to leave their homes.

In these cases we will try help to the best of our ability by allowing click and collect. (Payment taken in advance over the phone and ID must be shown)

 As always, the safety of customers, staff and all visitors is paramount, so please abide by all social distancing measures while attending our premise.

 The hope to ensure that the shop will remain fully stocked with all Items.

 From all of us here at Wiltshire Shooting Centre and Wiltshire Ballistic Services: Stay Alert, Stay Safe, Stay Happy!

 If you have any queries, please phone: 01380 727282 or email Sales@wiltshireshootingcentre.co.uk

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Range Memberships Available!

To purchase a membership package simply head over to the online store, create an account, find the membership you wish to take out, add it to the basket and check out! Simple!

Please Note: Our range memberships DO NOT fufill the criteria of good reason for FAC applications.

RC, Hull & Eley Cartridges Available In Store

Cartridge Price List
Manufacturer Type Calibre Weight Shot Size Wad 25 Rate 250 Rate 500 Rate 1000 Rate
Romagnola Fibre 12G 21gr 7.5 Fibre £6.00 £54.00 £99.00 £189.00
Romagnola Fibre 12G 24gr 7.5 Fibre £6.40 £58.00 £105.00 £199.75
Romagnola Fibre 12G 28gr 7.5 Fibre £6.70 £59.75 £110.00 £209.00
Hull Comp X 12G 28gr 7.5 Fibre £6.55 £59.00 £107.50 £205.00
Hull Superfast HV Pigeon 12G 29gr 6 Fibre £7.20 £64.00 £118.00 £225.00
RC HPF3 Hyperfast 12G 30gr 6 Fibre £10.60 £95.00 £174.00 £333.00
Eley Pigeon Select 12G 30gr 6 Fibre £6.50 £65.00 £130.00 £260.00
Romagnola Fibre 12G 32gr 5.5 Fibre £6.90 £60.50 £115.00 £220.00
RC HPF3 Hyperfast 12G 32gr 6 Fibre £11.00 £99.00 £181.00 £346.00
RC Sipe Extreme 12G 32gr 6 Fibre £11.30 £101.00 £186.00 £354.00
Eley VIP Game 12G 32gr 4 Fibre £10.00
Eley VIP Game Steel 12G 32gr 3 Plastic £10.50 £105.00
Eley Lightning Steel 12G 36gr 3 Plastic £10.50 £105.00 £210.00
Eley Alphamax+ 12G 36gr 3 Plastic £12.00
Eley Alphamax+ Magnum 12G 42gr 3 Plastic £12.00 £120.00
Eley VIP Game 16G 28gr 6 Fibre £9.00 £90.00 £180.00
Hull Pro Twenty 20G 21gr 7.5 Fibre £7.50 £67.25 £124.50 £237.00
Jocker Fibre 20G 24gr 7.5 Fibre £6.00 £58.50 £115.50 £227.00
RC Sipe 20 20G 26gr 5 Fibre £10.20 £91.00 £167.00 £319.00
Hull Pro Twenty 20G 28gr 7.5 Fibre £8.95 £79.75 £147.00 £281.00
Eley Fourlong 410 12.5gr 6 Fibre £9.00
Hull High Pheasant Magnum 410 18gr 6 Fibre £9.90 £89.00 £163.00 £311.00
Eley Extra Long Magnum 410 18gr 6 Fibre £9.00 £90.00 £180.00

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